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The One Slide That Says It All

Hotel Houses are changing neighborhoods and infringing on the right of neighbors to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their own property.

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City of Sarasota Has Over 1,000 Vacation Rentals

As reported by Granicus Host Compliance.  Does the City know where they are, and if they are operating lawfully and safely?  Does the City know how to quickly get in touch with the property owner if there is an urgent health or safety issue?

1 - Slide - City has 1000 Rental Propert

Example Hotel House #1

Over-built for a residential zone, pool in front yard to maximize building footprint, too few off-street parking spots for the number of occupants, four times the number of garbage containers, and high level of commercial activity from rental agency, professional linen service, etc...

3 - Slide - Hotel House Example - Sleeps

Example Hotel House #2

Sleeps 25 in beds!  With seven bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, and professional linen and housekeeping service, Hotel Houses can be said to meet the City's own definition of a hotel!

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"STOP the Hotel Houses" Yard Sign

Soon to be displayed by upset residents throughout Lido and St. Armands Keys after waiting over a year for help from the City Commission.

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Flow Chart Explaining Need for Vacation Rental Ordinance

The City Attorney's Vacation Rental Ordinance contains reasonable measures that we believe will stop new Hotel Houses from being built and lessen the impact of the existing Hotel Houses.

Flow Chart explaining Vacation Rental Or

Response to Rental Agency Objections

There are two sides to every story, but we believe the revised Vacation Rental Ordinance will contain reasonable measures, can be narrowly applied to just the affected neighborhoods, and has low impact on City operations.

Vacation Rental Ordinance - Response to

97% Want the City to Do something about the Hotel Houses

In our Annual Member Survey, 97% of respondents indicated that they would like the City to "do something" about the Hotel Houses.

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