Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Vacation Rental Ordinance apply to owner-occupied or "hosted" rentals?

No.  Owner-occupied or "hosted" rentals--where the property owner lives on-site and rents out a room in their house--are not subject to any of the provisions of the Vacation Rental Ordinance.  


Does the Vacation Rental Ordinance apply to rentals of a month or longer?

No.  Rentals of a month or longer are not classified as vacation rentals by the State of Florida and are not subject to any of the provisions of the Vacation Rental Ordinance.


Does the Vacation Rental Ordinance affect the City of Sarasota's minimum required rental period of "longer than one week"?

No.  The Vacation Rental Ordinance does not prohibit vacation rentals and does not affect the frequency or duration of vacation rentals.  


Will the Vacation Rental Ordinance hurt the "mom and pop" vacation rentals?

What is a "mom and pop" vacation rental?  We think it means a smaller property, owned by an individual or couple and not by investors or developers, which provides supplemental income to the owners when they're not using it but is not operated solely as a business.  

No one wants to hurt a "mom and pop" vacation rental.  But we do expect them to operate lawfully and to provide safe accommodations for their guests.  This means renting to smaller groups that meet the City's "household living" and "family occupancy" requirement, obtaining the required State license and paying the required taxes, and certifying that smoke detectors are in place and operational. 

To help "mom and pop" vacation rentals, owner-occupied or "hosted" rentals have been excluded from the Vacation Rental Ordinance, and we believe that the City Attorney is considering the following additional actions:

  • Replacing the required building inspection with a signed, self-inspection checklist

  • Having a tiered rental registration fee that is lower for smaller properties and higher for larger properties

  • Limiting the ordinance to only those neighborhoods and subdivisions in which significant rental abuses have been reported by residents


Will the City of Sarasota have any liability from "Bert Harris Act" claims?

No.  It has been reported to us that, in the entire State of Florida, no City has ever paid a single dollar for a "Bert Harris Act" claim related to vacation rentals.  


Who is responsible for this website?

This website was created by the St. Armands Residents Association which represents the owner-occupants of residential property on St. Armands Key in the City of Sarasota, Florida.  


How do I obtain a "Stop the Hotel Houses" yard sign?

Yard signs are available for City of Sarasota residents only, and we suggest a $10 donation to cover costs.  If you would like to display one on your property, please e-mail us at: